About Us

ZCHART Pro-TECHS INDONESIA was established as a computer networking-software–communication company in Jakarta in 2000. With the support of 8 computer experts, we initially focused on developing and providing hardware-software – services solutions.

Over time, thanks to the trust of our costumer, to our flair for innovation, and to our on-going self development program. ZCHART Pro-TECHS INDONESIA has managed to grow into a Total IT Solutions Company with there divisions. Each focusing on different aspect of the IT business: Hardware, Software, Communications, and Services.

Firmly committed to costumer satisfaction, ZCHART Pro-TECHS INDONESIA has put an effective costumer-compliant mechanism in place. On line and web-based, our Help-Desk operates around-the clock to provide real time solutions to any problems which our costumers may have with the product they have purchased from us


To be a leading IT and Communications Solution company in Indonesia with the highest reputation for Quality, Innovations, and Costumer Satisfaction for Integrated Total Solution to their diverse and increasing complex IT and Communications needs


Aware that the wouldn’t have grown into what we are today without the Trust and Satisfaction of our costumers, we will keep up our long-standing commitment to costumer services. This inevitably means that we shall keep on :
• Creating innovative products that does satisfy our costumers diverse and increasingly complex IT and Communications needs.
• Upgrading our knowledge and competence in all IT-related areas.
• Adapting to rapid developments in the IT world and domestic areas.
• Improving our human resources knowledge, skill, and professionalism talents.
• Make sure satisfactions with ours protection products and consulting services.


• Router and Switch  System Devices
• Network Fiber System Devices 
• Firewall and Security System
• Network Card Modules and Transceiver SFP 
• Licence and Software
• Server, Storage and NAS 
• Network Parts and Peripheral


Marketing & Sales

Team Our marketing & Sales Team is a group of IT and Communications professionals with through product knowledge. They differ from ordinary computer salesman in that they do not just sell products, but –and more importantly-they also provide each prospective costumer with the right advise as to what type of product suite their needs

Distribution Team

Our distributions team has three tasks to do; to deliver, to install, and to train. We assure our costumers, wherever they are, that they get their product on time, have it properly installed, and receive basic training in how to operate its.

Costumer Services

Team Costumer satisfaction is the most important of our commitments, and our Costumer Services Team is proof of this. One highlight of our services is an on line; web based Help Desk that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a years.


Research Development

Team Our Research Development Team creates innovative software product for business applications.

QA Team

Our Quality Assurance Team adopts international standard QA procedures to make sure that each of the services is the best of kind and works to the utmost satisfaction of the costumer.

Maintenance Team

It’s in our interests to safeguard and protect the costumers investment in each ZPI product that’s has been purchased so that it can continue to benefit the costumer to the utmost.